Key Features
Optimized for Off-Grid use

Always pure, soft drinking water of the same/best quality Independent from any other energy sources than the sun.
No mechanical components, no moving parts for high reliability. Works absolutely emission-free. No pre- or post- treatment (chemicals) of the water is needed. Easy and simple system to manage and maintain Modular based system designed for expandability and scalability.
Clara Pur desalination still is a solar water purification system on distillation basis. The CP is designed for off-grid use, only powered by the sun, cleaning water directly at the point of use.
The Clara-Pur (CP) water purification system is optimized for off-grid use in rural areas of the sun-belt.
Designed for Independence, Simplicity, and Reliability. Pure, clean water is vital for health and life. Good drinking water is a major factor contributing to quality of life. In areas of limited natural drinking water resources, water is particularly appreciated. We have developed a system for the preparation of drinking water by transforming sea water or other water into pure drinking water of the highest quality.
We apply the principles of the natural water cycle in a system for generating drinking water. In our system sea water (or other raw-water) evaporates to become pure, high-quality drinking water. The only source of energy required is the sun.
There are no emissions, no pollution, and the high water quality is achieved without the use of chemicals or other additives. Salt water or sewage is pumped into the system using a photovoltaic or wind-driven pump. The sun shines on CP module, water evaporates and pure drinking water condenses. It can be collected and used immediately.
In contrast to other water preparation methods (e.g. reverse osmosis), there is no need for pre-treatment of the raw water or post-treatment of the drinking water. The plant is easy to operate, runs silently, causes no emissions and requires only the sun as its sole energy supply.
The reliable system contains no moving parts – thus eliminating expenses for spare parts, despite daily use.

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